Management and Protection of Information (MPI)


The MPI master’s program is oriented towards the realization of scalable complex software architectures, with a high degree of availability, also ensuring cyber security requirements. Students obtain technical skills – for the development of distributed applications, including Cloud and IoT, Big Data processing, data protection through blockchain technologies – but also management and entrepreneurship skills.

Relevance to the job market

Management and protection of information are essential nowadays for the digitalization of the business environment and public institutions. Graduates of this programme can find jobs in prestigious IT companies, can continue with PhD studies and capitalize on their management skills.

Required knowledge

Typical knowledge from technical bachelor studies: programming languages, hardware / software architectures, computer networks, operating systems, linear algebra.

Competences and skills acquired

  • The design of high-availability scalable architectures, to ensure efficient processing and access to information.
  • Information search techniques based on data mining and machine learning.
  • Distributed information management through domain-specific languages, Cloud and IoT architectures.
  • Ensuring the protection of information in decentralized and secure storage and encryption systems.
  • Analysis and auditing of IT system security.
  • Risk management and decision support.
  • Innovation management and entrepreneurship.


Year I, semester I

Course 1:Security of Information Systems
Course 2:Information Search and Retrieval Techniques
Course 3:Information Management through Domain Specific Languages
Course 4:Scientific Research 1
Course 5 (elective):Activity and Data Flow Modeling
Information Systems for Knowledge Management
Facultative course:Design and Management of Educational Programs

Year I, semester II

Course 1:High Performance Computing Equipment
Course 2:Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
Course 3:Reliability and Maintenance of Information Systems
Course 4:Scientific Research 2
Course 5 (elective) :High Security Audio-Video Information Coding
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Facultative courses: Adolescent, Youth and Adult Psycho-pedagogy
Counseling and Guidance
Strategic and Risk Management

Year II, semester I

Course 1:Information Protection in E-systems
Course 2:Distributed information management through Cloud and IoT architectures
Course 3:Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property Protection and Research Dissemination
Course 4:Scientific Research 3
Course 5 (elective):Safety in the Operation of Software Systems
Management of Research and Innovation Projects
Facultative courses:Adolescent, Youth and Adult Psycho-pedagogy
Counseling and guidance

Year II, semester II

Course 1:Scientific research, Practice and Dissertation Project
Course 2:Ethics and Academic Integrity

Research Topics

  • Intelligent applications for emergency situations support
  • Automatic scaling of web application infrastructure based on artificial intelligence
  • Encryption and cryptanalysis system
  • Document management systems
  • Intelligent systems for traffic decongestion
  • Integration of non-homogeneous data sources in a BI/DW system
  • Big Data
  • Development of Business Intelligence systems
  • ERP systems
  • Massive data processing techniques
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions
  • Intrusion prevention and detection systems
  • Automatic test generation systems
  • Design of fault tolerant systems
  • Security of web services
  • Modern and efficient automatic testing solutions
  • Encryption of Modbus messages in industrial installations
  • Security problems in mobile banking applications
  • Autonomous protection/attack system for IT applications
  • Data protection systems using steganography
  • Facial recognition
  • Authentication in web applications
  • Consolidation of data warehouses
  • Semantic analysis
  • Implementation of distributed computing algorithms (map, reduce)

Programming languages ​​and technologies

Programming : C, C++, .net, Java, JavaScript, Python, R, SQL, XML;

System security : RedHat Linux / CentOS / Kali Linux;

Blockchain technologies : Ethereum / MOdex BCDB / BigchainDB;

Data mining and machine learning : Orange / WEKA;

Cloud platforms : IBM Cloud, IBM ISDM;

Testing : JUNIT / Jest;

Modeling and metamodeling : UML, BPMN, Generic Modeling Environment

Other information

Teaching language : Romanian
Partner companies : Oracle, IBM, 4psa, ASTI, IPA, Qnet Internaţional, Modex

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