The application of information concepts and technologies in all fields of activity is undoubtedly the engine of today's world and the successful strategy for the future – as it will be foreshadowed and fulfilled by our students.

Undergraduate studies

Directorate A – Applied Informatics – is part of the bachelor's field systems engineering, specialization Automatics and Applied Informatics.Students can go to this option by choosing Package 1A,which starts in the third year of study.

Students who choose Applied Informatics can also opt for one of the 3 additional specializations that are differentiated in the fourth year of study, through packages2A1, 2A2 and 2A3.  They are the starting point in choosing a direction for master's studies in the second cycle of education.  

Diploma Exam


Master's programs

In the AII department, the following master programs are organized:

Bibliography Master Admission

For admission to master programs coordinated by Department AII – it is recommended to candidates to choose one of the four proposed topics and to go through the associated bibliography.

Dissertation Exam


The phd supervisors of the Department of Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics are part of the Doctoral School of Automatic Control and Computers (SD_AC) organized within the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (UPB).

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