Automation and Industrial Informatics (AII)


The program prepares specialists in the field of Systems Engineering, coming from various undergraduate engineering courses, able to use advanced scientific and technical knowledge, to contribute to the technological, economic and social-cultural progress of Romanian society and the advanced world. In particular, the mission of the program is the acquisition of advanced technical knowledge in the field of industrial informatics, the programming, operation and maintenance of IT, control and communication systems in industrial processes, innovative-creative participation in research projects, practical training alongside established companies.

Relevance to the labor market

The knowledge gained during the AII master’s program of system analysis, design, implementation, testing and diagnosis of information management, control, communication and monitoring systems constitutes a solid basis for employment in the field of automation and industrial informatics or research and development .

Required knowledge

The basics of the analysis and design of information systems, the basics of automatic regulation, equipment for managing processes, storing and processing information.

Competences and skills acquired

  • Working with scientific, engineering and IT systems concepts and methods in interdisciplinary fields;
  • Designing IT systems in an integrated concept (hardware, software, manware and orgware);
  • Solving problems using the tools of systems science and engineering;
  • Evaluation and improvement of the performance of driving systems, in particular of automatic regulation systems;
  • Design, life cycle management, integration and integrity of driving systems;
  • Design, implementation and diagnosis skills of automation systems.

Structure Courses

Year I, Semester I

Course 1:Complements of systems and signal theory
Course 2:Advanced process management techniques
Course 3:Modeling cognitive systems
Course 4:Scientific research 1
Course 5 (elective):Management analyzes and processes data
Intelligent measurement systems
Facultative courses: Security of industrial control systems
Design and management of educational programs
Scientific research methodology

Year I, semester II

Course 1:Intelligent drive systems
Course 2:Expert systems
Course 3:Diagnosis of technical systems
Course 4:SCADA systems and industrial communications
Course 5:Scientific research 2
Facultative courses: Psychopedagogy of adolescents, young people and adults
Counseling and guidance
Strategic management and risk management

Year II, semester I

Course 1:Management of research projects – innovation
Course 2:Multi-Agent Systems for Enterprise Control
Course 3:IT systems in energy
Course 4:Scientific research 3
Course 5 (elective):Computer systems in the chemical and biochemical industry
Computer systems for buildings and smart cities
Facultative courses:Psychopedagogy of adolescents, young people and adults
Counseling and guidance
Management of information through specialized languages ​​by fields of application

Year II, semester II

Course 1:Scientific research, practice and dissertation development
Course 2:Ethics and academic integrity

Research Themes

  • Analysis and design of industrial information systems
  • Numerical control system of a power station
  • Automation of a power plant
  • Automatic HVAC subsystem control system in a smart building
  • Energy efficiency in buildings with BMS (Building Management Systems) systems
  • Regulation/control system for industrial systems/processes: treatment plants
  • Automatic monitoring and control system of an industrial manufacturing process
  • Vector control system of asynchronous motors
  • Numerical systems intended to increase stability
  • Smart Grid type systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Computer systems in precision agriculture
  • Fault detection and diagnosis for industrial processes

Programming languages ​​and technologies used

Matlab/Simulink, Tia Portal, WinCC, LabView, EPLAN, LOGO! Soft Comfort, XSOFT-CODESYS, Galileo,PC Worx,
Siemens STARTER, CX-Drive

Other information

Teaching language: Romanian
Industry relations: ASTI Automation, Eaton, Eplan, Phoenix Contact, Rittal, Adrem, Festo, Transelectrica

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