Cursuri SEM

Cursuri din cadrul programului master SEM


Tematica: Basic concepts of managing information Information problem-solving Foundation for decision support and data analysis Introduction to Data Warehouses Design

Tematica: Introduction and Overview. E-Commerce and E-Business Basics Taxonomy of E-Business Models. B2C Models. B2B Models M-Commerce Online Strategies. Transition

Tematica: The right of intellectual and industrial property Complying with intellectual property rights Transmitting the intellectual property rights Intellectual property

Tematica: Definition of Production/Service Operations Management Design of the Productive and Service Oriented System Planning the Use of Productive and


Tematica: Representation of Knowledge. Ontologies.Knowledge representation techniques.Knowledge acquisition and processingCollaborative knowledge building.Knowledge management

Tematica: Introduction in Accounting and Financial Management Accounting Information delivered by Financial Statements The relevance of Accounting Information Financial Statements

Tematica: Basic concepts in Manufacturing / Operations management Supply chain definition. Designing and / or extending a supply chain Supply

Tematica: Business as a system, business models Business environment: characteristics, components Business communication, information flow Market-oriented business. Criteria for business

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