IVANESCU Andrei Nick

Conferentiar dr.ing.
Email: nik.ivanescu@upb.ro
Birou: ED111

Activitate didactica

Domenii de cercetare

  • Automate Programabile 
  • Microprocesoare 
  • Roboti Industriali 
  • Fabricatie Inteligenta

Alte informatii

Coautor la 3 carti si peste 30 de articole stiintifice, printre care:
– Nick Ivanescu “ AUTOMATE SI MICROPROGRAMARE ”, Ed. Politehnica Press, ISBN : 978-606-515-024-9, 2009
– Nick Ivanescu, Modernizing Feed Plants with Automation, capitol în cartea “HANDBOOK OF AUTOMATION”, ISBN 978-3-540-78830-0, 2009, editura Springer Verlag, Germania
– Ivanescu, N.-A., L. Ciupitu, M. Parlea și Sorin Brotac, On the Fly Picking of Parts in a Metallurgical Manufacturing Cell, International Journal of Mechanics and Control (JOMAC), Torino, Vol. 13, No. 1 – 2012, ISSN 1590-8844, pag. 35-40, 2012, indexată Scopus
– Nick Ivanescu, State-of-the-Art and Development Trends in Intelligent Data Acquisition and Distributed Control for Complex Industrial Processes, Problems of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, 2008, Vol. 59, pp.32-50, ISSN 0204-9848
– Ivanescu Nick și Borangiu Theodor, Using Line Scan Camera for Material Cutting, Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Simulation, ISBN: 978-960-474-022-2, pg. 55-61, Bucuresti, Romania, 7-9 noiembrie 2008, indexata ISI

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